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LabSPACE Africa LabSPACE Africa, an independent company, offers facilities to local and international researchers from South Africa. Our space for research space and space to archive long-term samples, as well spaces in our climate units for stability assessments. Our aim is to cut down on equipment costs, lab overheads as well as operational costs, to ensure that research is conducted in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

LabSPACE provides chemistry services. It offers lab and office space to both academic and industry researchers. They also have access to our entire analytical and general analytical equipment that can assist with sample preparation to reports.

We are aiming to establish LabSPACE Africa facilities across South Africa, giving our customers and ourselves a competitive advantage in many research areas.

For those looking to form partnerships or to lease lab space, LabSPACE gives them access to analytic labs at affordable prices. This allows them for running their own labs without the expense of running your own laboratory.

The laboratory space is included in compliance-based services and operations that relate to compliance with local regulations as well as the safety of employees, as well as the management of biological and chemical waste.

We can assist you with setting up your facility or provide space in our facility.


For private labs in the private sector, the purchase of new equipment can be expensive, and comes with high risks. LabSPACE Africa is partnering with industry leaders to provide analytical equipment. Equipment are available with the required analytical support at out Midrand facilities, but equipment could also be put on lease at the facility of our client for a specific project so that our clients does not be squandered on equipment which are used only occasionally or just once. The equipment will be maintained and serviced by qualified staff as well as copies of maintenance records are available upon completion of the project.

Present grant applications could delay projects due to academic institutions being incapable of purchasing expensive equipment. LabSPACE Africa will accelerate the process and allow researchers the opportunity to determine the most suitable option for their needs, prior to deciding whether to make a decision or even use the equipment at our facilities.

Mycotoxin analysis



LabSPACE Africa has an strategic partnership with AXIOLOGY Labs. AXIOLOGY Labs manages consumable storage facilities at every one of our laboratories. The items that are available can be delivered in a matter of hours to our clients ' laboratories. This means there is no necessity for expensive inventory.

fully fitted sample preparation facility

fully fitted sample preparation facility


LabSPACE Africa is pleased to provide a unique mix of regulatory compliance and science expertise. This together with our wide network of advisory Scientists as well as suppliers makes it possible for LabSPACE Africa to offer consultation upon demand.

The area covered includes:

  • Consulting, discussing and tailoring techniques to meet the needs of the client
  • Input into regulation and accreditation.
  • Assistance in permits, registration or accreditation.

LabSPACE Africa offers assistance and assistance with various regulatory guidelines. Assistance with Quality Management Systems (ISO /IEC 13485 /IEC 15189 /ISO /IEC 17025 and GCL).



LabSPACE Africa offers an fully-equipped equipment for preparation of samples that includes SPE stations and ultrasonic baths, as well as drying and dissolution apparatus for samples. We also offer a complete collection of pharmaceutical testing using the following technology:

  • HPLC
  • UPLC using two MS and PDA
  • ICP-MS
  • FTIR Thermometer

Additional to the analytical apparatus, LabSPACE Africa also offers stability testing in addition to moisture analysis and evaluation of physical properties like hardness and thickness of compounds.



Customers who sign up with us will be invited for regular classes on specific technologies in our units or regulatory guidelines such as GCP, GLP, GCLP, GMP ISO15189, ISO17025 and ISO13485. Training will be conducted by experts from industry and individuals that are registered with regulatory agencies.

Climatic chambers


Biological samples are the foundation of clinical and research trials. Research samples are often kept to be used in the future for analysis, and conserving these samples is crucial for future study or reanalysis. LabSPACE Africa offers long-term storage units that can be stored at different temperatures (5degC, -20degCand -80degC) and 160degC). When samples arrive at our facility, the samples are labeled with cryo-labels and stored in traditional (2ml) cryo boxes, and then entered into our cloud-based LIMS. Monitoring of the units is constantly conducted by Beyond Wireless remote temperature monitoring system and backup power as well as contingency planning are in place.

Climatic chambers

Frequently Asked Questions

Mycotoxins, which are toxic substances made by mold or fungi, can be poisonous. They can be harmful to humans if they are consumed, absorbed into skin, or inhaled. Even a small amount of mycotoxin could cause serious health problems for animals or humans, and even death. Mycotoxicosis is the result of mycotoxins poisoning. This condition is likely familiar to you if your coffee contains moldy coffee.

Intoxication can result from mycotoxin contamination in cereals and other feed products, particularly in farm animals. Effective analytical tools are needed to analyze the feed for toxic fungal metabolites. The current methods include an extraction step, a clean up step to remove unwanted co-extracted matrix elements and a separation step that allows for precise detection. For most mycotoxins, quantitative methods of analysis use immunoaffinity clean up with high-performance liquidchromatography (HPLC), separation in combination with ultraviolet and/or fluorescence detection.

Food, animal feed and food additives ingredients can be tested for melamine.

Melamine screening, analysis and evaluation of food-related products:
For food, agricultural products, raw materials, and ingredients, melamine testing can be done. Intertek laboratories offer cost-effective and quick testing. The melamine testing labs can quickly receive samples.

Intertek offers melamine analysis and detection services to food and agricultural companies, retailers, importers, food manufacturers, and food processors. Laboratory analysis of processed foods, animal food, wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate, and corn gluten is what melamine testing entails. The Intertek laboratories offer the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recommended analytical methods for melamine screening, testing and quantitative analysis using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(GC-MS).

Melamine analysis, detection capabilities:

  • Checking food ingredients for melamine
  • Quantifications of the levels of melamine in tainted foodstuffs and ingredients
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